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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupstateup‧state /ˈʌpsteɪt/ adjective [only before noun] American English 🔊 🔊 SGin the northern part of a particular state opp downstate 🔊 upstate New Yorkupstate adverb
Examples from the Corpus
upstateEven now they were travelling through sparsely inhabited country as they headed further upstate.I have to complete my contract and teach for a semester, which means commuting to upstate New York every week.Her home was on an upstate New York farm.Each day I write in the quiet of the upstate New York mornings.But the anguished upstate New York social worker now finds himself waging a spirited campaign to keep his sibling from death row.Born in 1882, Roosevelt came from an old-established and well-to-do landowning family of upstate New York.During the 1980s it bought Marine Midland, a commercial bank based in upstate New York.It was in upstate New York.