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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupstateup‧state /ˈʌpsteɪt/ adjective [only before noun] American English  SGin the northern part of a particular state opp downstate upstate New Yorkupstate adverb
Examples from the Corpus
upstateEven now they were travelling through sparsely inhabited country as they headed further upstate.I have to complete my contract and teach for a semester, which means commuting to upstate New York every week.Her home was on an upstate New York farm.Each day I write in the quiet of the upstate New York mornings.But the anguished upstate New York social worker now finds himself waging a spirited campaign to keep his sibling from death row.Born in 1882, Roosevelt came from an old-established and well-to-do landowning family of upstate New York.During the 1980s it bought Marine Midland, a commercial bank based in upstate New York.It was in upstate New York.