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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaterfrontwa‧ter‧front /ˈwɔːtəfrʌnt $ ˈwɒːtər-, ˈwɑː-/ noun [countable usually singular]  SGTOWNthe part of a town or an area of land next to the sea, a river etc The hotel is down on the waterfront.
Examples from the Corpus
waterfrontImpressive churches and small greens dot the city, and there are plans to renovate many of the dilapidated waterfront buildings.People and cars along the downtown waterfront look like ants.The lighthouse and cottages are still lived in and command extensive views of Hull waterfront and the Humber Bridge.The coastal towns are expanding in their hinterlands rather than along the waterfront, and disused industrial areas are favoured for development.Manchester helped spur a revitalization of the waterfront in the 1980s.They'd completed the tour of his spacious offices on the waterfront at Msida.Mark then spent a week on the waterfront carefully planing down the telegraph poles to the right shape.Adam Clark also designed the tunnel which runs under Buda hill connecting the western parts of Buda with the waterfront.