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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwestwardwest‧ward /ˈwestwəd $ -wərd/ (also westwards /-wədz $ -wərdz/) adverb  DNtowards the west The ship turned westward, away from the coast.westward adjective westward flights
Examples from the Corpus
westwardFinlayson gave his wash-out signal several times, and turned westward.Second, after 1811, the family scattered westward.This unnerved the three countries and confirmed their instinct to look westward.Cheap fares were available only for the westward journey, so that the disincentive to return to the East was considerable.Then it became a problem of moving the more intrepid ones westward so that others could fill their places.We drove westward through the night.Dotty Harmer, a spinster and stout friend of all animals, lived some quarter of a mile westward towards Lulling Woods.