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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoldswolds /wəʊldz $ woʊldz/ noun [plural]  British EnglishSG a word for an area of hilly countryside, especially used in the names of places the Lincolnshire Wolds
Examples from the Corpus
woldsThere is not an abundance of thatched cottages in the wolds, but those that do exist are real gems.On a more local side Louth is significant as the East Lindsey town where the marshlands meet the wolds.Willoughby Another village nestling at the foot of the wolds, not far from Claythorpe and adjacent to extensive woodlands, is Willoughby.Little Cawthorpe One of the prettiest villages in the area, right at the foot of the wolds, is Little Cawthorpe.It is perfectly sited on the River Lud, right at the foot of the wolds.I followed the road as it rose up towards the top of the wolds.