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bluffbluff2 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]PRETEND an attempt to deceive someone by making them think you will do something, when you do not intend to do it The threat was only a bluff. Whatever you say, you must do it. This isn’t a game of bluff. double bluff2 call somebody’s bluff3 [countable]DN a very steep cliff or slope
Examples from the Corpus
bluffHis bluff, finally, had been called.Working as a trader makes me sensitive to the little bluffs people use.This was a game of bluffs and double bluffs.Johnson said the threats were pure bluff.Culley had climbed a small bluff and crouched down on his heels to clear the skyline.Dove slid down the rope, his feet skipping over the craggy face of the bluff toward the boy.Most stayed, under the shadowy evergreens, among the tall sycamores and beeches on the bluff above the water.From the interstate highway which runs nearby, nothing about this bluff looks any different from thousands of others.The trick is to live long enough to put your young bluffs to use.When some one calls your bluff, you best ignore him.game of bluffThis can quickly turn into a game of bluff.Sometimes dealers and clients alike wondered whether the whole thing wasn't just a game of bluff.Whatever you say, you must be prepared to do; it isn't a game of bluff.This was a game of bluffs and double bluffs.This game of bluff was played by the Allies as well.