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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishepoche‧poch /ˈiːpɒk $ ˈepək/ noun [countable]  SHa period of history syn era the Victorian epoch The king’s death marked the end of an epoch. the beginning of a new epochsee thesaurus at period
Examples from the Corpus
epochPeople stand out likewise, in so far as their work marks an epoch or sums up an historical episode.Already that seemed a distant epoch.Universal concepts denote phenomena which are presumed to occur universally, regardless of historical epoch or type of society.I have, in my mind, retold my life, epoch by epoch.The Russian Revolution marked the beginning of a new epoch in history.Their own tingling flesh convinced them that a whole new epoch in history was beginning and they were already living in it.Evolutionary psychologists say that there are human universals which were laid down in the pleistocene epoch.They are slaves to the prejudices of the epoch in which they were written.This epoch was to pass, after Adams's presidency, into similar backgrounds and were very closely interrelated.