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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflintflint /flɪnt/ noun  1 [uncountable]HEG a type of smooth hard stone that makes a small flame when you hit it with steel2 [countable]DFU a piece of this stone or a small piece of metal that makes a small flame when you hit it with steel
Examples from the Corpus
flintHe had his great knife, a flint for striking fire, his bow, and a clutch of arrows.It was built with local greenstone, flint and chalk, by the monks from Wilmington Priory.Like the ages of flint, bronze and iron these phases were not exclusive.In a cist at Brahunisary in the Kildalton area there was a skeleton and a large quantity of flint flakes and chips.Pierry derives its name from a stratum of flint in the subsoil which reputedly gives its wine a marked flinty taste.In Suffolk, most villas had footings of stone or flint, with timer-framed or clay lump walls.Opposite were the elegant backs of Victorian houses, their grey bricks swelling into bow-windows, the roof-tiles glistening like wet flint.