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foldfold2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 lineFOLD a line made in paper or material when you fold one part of it over another Bend back the card and cut along the fold.2 skin/material [usually plural]CF the folds in material, skin etc are the loose parts that hang over other parts of it Her dress hung in soft folds.3 the fold4 sheepTA a small area of a field surrounded by a wall or fence where sheep are kept for safety syn pen, → corral5 rock technicalHEG a bend in layers of rock, caused by underground movements in the earth
Examples from the Corpus
foldAn arm-chair had been pushed to the side; it had pulled a fold in the carpet.Camels have an extra fold of skin on their eyelids to keep out the sand.She with his quick sketch of her as Madonna ascending in folds upon modest folds of garments.She opened the note in her hand, sighing with great impatience at its folds.A little fold of the veil can be drawn aside to disclose his mood at that time.Cut the paper along the fold.He hid the knife in the folds of his robe.But if past success is any guide, another Nasdaq company will join the fold before long.She lay there in the narrow bed, her chin resting on the fold of the sheet.Nuadu thought that a glitter of amusement showed from within the folds of the hood.In addition to the ordinary vocal cords, the cat possesses a second pair of structures called vestibular folds, or false vocal cords.hung in ... foldsThe rain had soaked into his cloak as he slept, and it hung in heavy damp folds on his shoulders.