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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrasslandgrass‧land /ˈɡrɑːslænd $ ˈɡræs-/ noun [uncountable]  SG (also grasslands [plural]) a large area of land covered with wild grass syn prairie
Examples from the Corpus
grasslandMaterial also available on animal welfare, patterns of food consumption and grassland utilisation.It's found in lowland areas on chalk grassland and among sand dunes.In my village there also rice fields, grassland and wetland.Festuca rubra - Armeria maritima maritime grassland.Not all of the losses of moorland and rough grassland to agricultural development are the result of surface cultivation and grass seeding.The Vredo range of shallow grassland injectors comprises four models.Leaving the grassland behind, the terrain became more barren with cliffs and rocks tumbling down into the sea.There were a few areas of welcome grassland like the one that rose ahead of him almost as soon as he left the Park behind.