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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimperviousim‧per‧vi‧ous /ɪmˈpɜːviəs $ -ɜːr-/ adjective [not before noun]  1 EFFECT/INFLUENCE formal not affected or influenced by something and seeming not to notice itimpervious to His ego was impervious to self-doubt.2 HARD technical not allowing anything to enter or pass through impervious volcanic rockimpervious to materials that are impervious to water
Examples from the Corpus
imperviousHow could I have been so thick-headed, I wonder now, so impervious?She was amazed at how little he wore and how impervious he was to the cold.But even this normally impervious mucus is easily breached by ethanol.Indeed, some individuals are quite impervious to cultural incentives, or even take pleasure in flouting them.The evening air had its accustomed November nip, but the groups making their way from Celtic Crescent were impervious to it.The trees everywhere over-grow the road, so that it is totally impervious to the sun, except at a few places.Was it possible for anyone to be so impervious to the things he saw?impervious toThe college administration seemed impervious to criticism.The brass table top is impervious to liquids.