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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinletin‧let /ˈɪnlet, ˈɪnlɪt/ noun [countable]  1 DNSGa narrow area of water that reaches from the sea or a lake into the land There are several sheltered inlets along the coast.2 Tthe part of a machine through which liquid or gas flows in opp outlet a fuel inlet
Examples from the Corpus
inletForget garage servicing-you could send a Jack Russell down the fuel inlet tracts to carry out a bore inspection.Plastic Grids were placed in the bottom of the main vat to stop the fish from being sucked into the pump inlet.You can even get a hot meal free from the Red Cross, down at the inlet.Sludge - another corrosion by-product - can block the inlet or outlet to the radiator and prevent it from heating up.The top connector is for the inlet from the pump and the bottom for the outlet to the vat.They made it to the marina, got launched and out the inlet without discussion.They passed out of sight on their way to the inlet where Orestes' ship lay.He followed the shoreline toward the inlet.