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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlandlockedland‧locked /ˈlændlɒkt $ -lɑːkt/ adjective  SGa landlocked country, state etc is surrounded by other countries, states etc and has no coast
Examples from the Corpus
landlockedThe main interest is centred on the splendid harbour, almost completely landlocked and providing excellent shelter.Bosnia is a landlocked area, shut off from the Adriatic by the parallel ranges of the Dinaric Alps.The young of this impoverished landlocked country see no future here.A thin ribbon that separates unparalleled views from unattainable wealth, the walk is a welcome balm to the landlocked masses.Summer comes early and is hot, but the humidity does not stifle vigorous activity, except in the landlocked plains.They move down the street like yachts: the landlocked sailors of the city.