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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmatrixma‧trix /ˈmeɪtrɪks/ noun (plural matrices /-trəsiːz/ or matrixes) [countable] technical  1 HMan arrangement of numbers, letters, or signs in rows and columns that you consider to be one amount, and that you use in solving mathematical problems a matrix table2 SSCOME FROM/ORIGINATEa situation from which a person or society can grow and develop the cultural matrix3 a living part in which something is formed or develops, such as the substance from which your fingernails grow4 TIa mould (=hollow container) into which melted metal, plastic etc is poured to form a shape5 HEGthe rock in which hard stones or jewels have formed dot-matrix printer
Examples from the Corpus
matrixThe probability matrix is raised to successively higher powers in much the same way.The disorder is caused by an inherited defect of collagen, long intertwined proteins that form the supporting matrix for bone.For each window position the scores of the transitions are determined from the matrix.The adoral shields have glassy concretions embedded within the matrix of the plate.The matrix approach can be used in connection with large projects.Whilst matrix isolation attempts to reproduce this situation, the target molecules are in intimate contact with the matrix material.