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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmorassmo‧rass /məˈræs/ noun  1 [singular]COMPLICATED a complicated and confusing situation that is very difficult to get out of We’re trying to drag the country out of its economic morass.morass of They were stuck in a morass of paperwork.2 [countable] literaryALSG a dangerous area of soft wet ground syn marsh
Examples from the Corpus
morassthe state's budget morassSome genuinely want to help him out of the current morass.The legal system flounders in its own morass of indefensible defendants, incoherent witnesses, and injudicious jurists.And a newly recognized disorder serves to show how one comes to be recognized amid the psychiatric morass.Sara felt slightly sick, but there was no point in wading deeper into the morass.The morass in Washington has gained even greater attention as bond investors have little economic news on which to focus.Art historians have generally been reluctant to venture into this morass of styles and terms.morass ofa morass of detail