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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpalaeontologypal‧ae‧on‧tol‧o‧gy /ˌpæliɒnˈtɒlədʒi, ˌpeɪ- $ ˌpeɪliɑːnˈtɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  x-refa British spelling of paleontology
Examples from the Corpus
palaeontologyGeophysics is a strongly featured subfield in Durham, and palaeontology at Newcastle.Each of these universities has produced published research in geography, geology, palaeontology, and geophysics.Fossils fascinate him too, and he says that he might even look to a career in palaeontology.He emphasises the importance of the historical value of older literature in palaeontology, compared to the pattern shown in geophysics.The film, starring Sam Neill and Laura Dern, mixes palaeontology and genetic engineering.With the coming of palaeontology, the museum was a great resource for anybody interested in reconstructing fossil creatures.Because of his interests in vertebrate palaeontology, bones were his especial interest.His primary avocation was palaeontology, an interest he had lovingly nurtured since childhood.