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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpromontoryprom‧on‧to‧ry /ˈprɒməntəri $ ˈprɑːməntɔːri/ noun (plural promontories) [countable]  SGa long narrow piece of land which sticks out into the sea a rocky promontory
Examples from the Corpus
promontoryIt was such a jolly little lighthouse, white, and standing at the very end of a promontory.The plane crashed just off a promontory called Lovers' Point.Yet another fortress stands on a promontory only half a mile away.The Douglas castle of Morton stands on a promontory, protected on three sides by a small loch.Maddalena Island from Palau, and see some of its innumerable bays, channels, coves and promontories.Course two hundred ten degrees straight in for the central promontory.On the wall behind him there was a picture of a stag lowering its antlers on a rocky promontory beneath puffy clouds.The bay, the promontories, the little white pencil of a lighthouse stuck on its rock.