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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpumicepum‧ice /ˈpʌmɪs/ (also pumice stone) noun  1 [uncountable]HEGDHC very light grey rock from a volcano that is crushed to a powder and used for cleaning2 [countable]DCB a piece of pumice stone that you rub on your skin to clean it or make it soft
Examples from the Corpus
pumiceTreat calluses by rubbing with a callus file, a pumice stone, or a hard-skin remover.You should file calluses and corns with a pumice stone, but never cut them with sharp instruments.If such vesicles are extremely abundant pumice is formed.The hardest, pumice, is used in a number of proprietary compounds.No pumice will float indefinitely, though.The combustion melts the pumice, the hot gases foam it up, and the hot foam fills the mould in seconds.This situation is changing, though, and some interesting things are now being done with pumice deposits.