Language: Old English


seam [countable]
1TIM a line where two pieces of cloth, leather etc have been stitched together:
She was repairing Billy's trousers, where the seam had come undone.
Join the shoulder seams together.
2HEG a layer of a mineral under the ground

be coming/falling apart at the seams

a) if a plan, organization etc is coming apart at the seams, so many things are going wrong with it that it will probably fail:
The health service seems to be falling apart at the seams.
b) if a piece of clothing is coming apart at the seams, the stitches on it are coming unfastened

be bursting/bulging at the seams

if a room or building is bursting at the seams, it is so full of people that hardly anyone else can fit into it

a (rich) seam of something

a thing, place, or group from which a type of thing can be obtained:
The 466-page book is a rich seam of statistical information.
6 a line where two pieces of metal, wood etc have been joined together

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