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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvolcanicvol‧can‧ic /vɒlˈkænɪk $ vɑːl-/ adjective  HErelating to or caused by a volcano black volcanic sand
Examples from the Corpus
volcanicEventually granite intrusions are emplaced at high levels within the mountain mass and volcanic activity develops.While forests were being buried there was volcanic activity.The Banda archipelago is volcanic and luxuriously tropical, perfect for snorkelling and diving.volcanic ashNatural catastrophes, such as volcanic eruptions, may result in sites being buried very rapidly.For example, many early human artifacts, such as arrowheads, are made of obsidian, a volcanic glass.The shape and direction of the valleys have been influenced by the location of the more easily eroded volcanic material.El Golfo An unusual, vividly green lagoon, separated from the sea by a beach of black volcanic sand.a volcanic temper