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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstained glassˌstained ˈglass noun [uncountable]  stained_glass_window.jpg TIGglass of different colours, used for making pictures and patterns in windows, especially in a church stained glass windows
Examples from the Corpus
stained glassMaxwell spent £350,000 on the house, installing a stained glass window and glitzy Fifties Neptune statue in the hall.It has a three-story reception hall and turn-of-the century stained glass windows.Soft lights glowed on the mountains as if reflected from stained glass.Rays of afternoon light poured through the stained glass windows, drenching the sanctuary with splashes of color.The stained glass is divine, the carpets rich and colorful and the tapestries simply beautiful.The stained glass windows in the church were all placed as memorials.Sunlight streams through stained glass on to polished mahogany walls, reminders of the Episcopal church this child-care center once was.