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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvitreousvit‧re‧ous /ˈvɪtriəs/ adjective technical  TIGmade of or looking like glass
Examples from the Corpus
vitreousRecent analyses of the vitreous component of faience found in Kerma.Cast Iron quality and a dazzling range of vitreous enamel colours.Traditional grill cooking is married to efficiency with the easy-clean grill trivet and pan in vitreous enamel.The Vision even comes with two baking sheets and an vitreous enamelled roasting tin and trivet.This time the curled metal merely came away with jellied lumps of vitreous humour sticking to it.These results from Pella underline the complexity of the vitreous industries in this period of their development.This reminds us that there may have been a range of levels of technical interaction between those involved in vitreous technologies.