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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbogeybo‧gey, bogie /ˈbəʊɡi $ ˈboʊɡi/ noun [countable]  1 DSG technical when you take one more shot than par (=the usual number of shots) to get the ball into the hole in golfbirdie, eagle2 PROBLEMa problem or difficult situation that makes you feel anxiousbogey of the bogey of recession3 HBHDCB British English informal a piece of mucus from inside your nose4 RFa bogeyman
Examples from the Corpus
bogeyThen I three-putted the sixteenth for a bogey.But Irwin missed his birdie attempt and Morgan tapped in a bogey to win.Ed Sneed wilted in 1979, taking a bogey five when a par would have won.Besides the eagle, Leonard made four birdies and only one bogey.There, Leonard recorded a birdie and Mickelson had a 3-putt bogey.From being the bogey of bankers, we are becoming the bankers' friend.bogey ofthe bogey of nuclear weapons in an unstable country