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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaddycad‧dy1 /ˈkædi/ noun (plural caddies) [countable]  1 (also caddie)DSG someone who carries the golf clubs for someone who is playing golf2 DFUa small box for storing tea
Examples from the Corpus
caddyCertainly, there were more caddies than jobs.All the stories I'd read about him and heard about him from other caddies were true!One of the other caddies snickered.The tea caddy is on the kitchen table.I knew his stature among the caddies had ascended.Senior members marked the competitors' cards and the caddies were allowed to practice on the course beforehand!He banged a teapot on to the table, pulled the lid from off the caddy.Those husbands would tell their caddies.