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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_159_fholehole1 /həʊl $ hoʊl/ ●●● S1 W2 noun [countable]  1 space in something solidHOLE an empty space in something solidhole in There was a huge hole in the road. I began digging a hole for the plant.Don’t say there is a hole ‘on’ something. Say there is a hole in something.2 space something can go through a space in something solid that allows light or things to pass throughhole in They climbed through a hole in the fence. These socks are full of holes. bullet holes (=made by bullets)3 empty placeHOLE a place where someone or something should be, but is missinghole in Their departure will leave a gaping hole in Grand Prix racing.4 weak part a weak part or fault in something such as an idea or plan The theory is full of holes.hole in If you have holes in your game, work on them.5 animal’s homeHBAHOME the home of a small animal a rabbit hole 6 unpleasant place informalUNPLEASANT an unpleasant place I’ve got to get out of this hole.7 golf a) DSGa hole in the ground that you try to get the ball into in the game of golf b) DSGone part of a golf course with this kind of hole at one end8 hole in one9 make a hole in something10 be in a hole11 be in the hole12 need/want something like a hole in the head ace in the hole at ace1(7), → black hole, → square peg in a round hole at square1(12), → watering holeTHESAURUShole an empty space in the surface of something, which sometimes goes all the way through itA fox had dug a hole under our fence.Rain was coming in through a hole in the roof.space an empty area between two things, into which you can put somethingAre there any empty spaces on the bookshelf?a parking spacegap an empty area between two things or two parts of something, especially one that should not be thereHe has a gap between his two front teeth.I squeezed through a gap in the hedge.opening a hole that something can pass through or that you can see through, especially at the entrance of somethingThe train disappeared into the dark opening of the tunnel.I looked through the narrow opening in the wall.leak a small hole where something has been damaged or broken that lets liquid or gas flow in or outa leak in the pipeThe plumber’s coming to repair the leak.puncture especially British English a small hole in a tyre through which air escapesMy bike’s got a puncture.crack a very narrow space between two things or two parts of something The snake slid into a crack in the rock.She was peering through the crack in the curtains.slot a straight narrow hole that you put a particular type of object intoYou have to put a coin in the slot before you dial the number.A small disk fits into a slot in the camera.crater a round hole in the ground made by an explosion or by a large object hitting it harda volcanic craterThe meteor left a crater over five miles wide.the craters on the Moonto make a hole in something make a hole in something to cause a hole to appear in somethingMake a hole in the bottom of the can using a hammer and nail.pierce to make a small hole in or through something, using a pointed objectThe dog’s teeth had pierced her skin.Shelley wanted to have her ears pierced (=for earrings).prick to make a very small hole in the surface of something, using a pointed objectPrick the potatoes before baking them.My finger was bleeding where the needle had pricked it.punch to make a hole through paper or flat material using a metal tool or other sharp objectI bought one of those things for punching holes in paper.You have to get your ticket punched before you get on the train.puncture to make a small hole in something, especially something where skin or a wall surrounds a softer or hollow inside partThe bullet had punctured his lung.perforate formal to make a hole or holes in somethingFragments of the bullet had perforated his intestines.drill to make a hole using a special tool, often one which turns round and round very quicklyThe dentist started drilling a hole in my tooth.They won a contract to drill for oil in the area.bore to make a deep round hole through a rock, into the ground etcThey had to bore through solid rock.The men were boring a hole for the tunnel.
Examples from the Corpus
holeA fox had dug a hole under our garden fence.I can't wear my green shirt -- it has a hole in it.The aim is to get the ball in a hole in the ground.Make a hole in the bottom of each plant pot to let the water drain out.A shaft of light came in through a hole in the corrugated iron roof.Troy looked through a hole in the fence at the garden next door.There are holes in the ozone layer above Antarctica.a bullet holeThe old mineshaft had left a deep hole, dangerous to both people and livestock.Construction workers have to dig a thousand foot hole before work can start on the tunnel.They stared at the gaping hole in the wall.The sheet was ancient and full of holes.We made a small hole in the earth, just deep enough to cover the roots of the plant.She stuck her finger through the hole.Water trickled in through the hole in the roof.I have to get out of this hole.hole inAll my jeans have holes in the knees.How can I fill the holes in my driveway cheaply?full of holesLevitt concluded that the article was full of holes.