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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparpar /pɑː $ pɑːr/ noun [uncountable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 β†’ be on a par (with something)2 β†’ be below/under par3 β†’ be par for the course4 DSGthe number of strokes a good player should take to hit the ball into a hole in the game of golf πŸ”Š The last hole is a par five.5 (also par value technical)BFS the value of a stock or bond that is printed on it when it is first sold πŸ”Š bonds sold at 97% of their par valueat/above/below/under par πŸ”Š The notes are currently trading at 10% above par. β†’ par excellence
Examples from the Corpus
parβ€’ Abdullah was the equivalent of a constable, the most junior career rank, almost on a par with conscripts.β€’ In the nineteenth century the wines of Pierry were considered on a par with the best wines of AΓΏ.β€’ On a par with Mom's, the flaky pie goes down smoothly.β€’ Oritz needed only a par to win the tournament.β€’ On the second day 47 players beat par with another 18 again scoring in the 60s for the first time.β€’ He knocked it on to the fairway, hit his third shot on to the green and then two-putted for par.β€’ The stock's par value decreased from $3.14 to 31 cents.β€’ The card reads 6,330 yards, par 68: that's without a par-5.β€’ At 6,352 yards, par 71, it already offers a stern test of technique without being physically onerous.at/above/below/under parβ€’ The first score is 1 under par, the second 11 under.β€’ Gary Orr was also under par with a 71.β€’ The bonds are callable at par on Nov. 15,2004.β€’ That's what got me under par today.β€’ Call option at par on Feb. 13,2001.β€’ He certainly seemed below par in the few mid-season matches last year, but the whole team looked poor in those.β€’ Three under par and only three shots behind the leaders, Woods took a triple-bogey six.