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pullpull2 ●○○ noun  1 act of moving something [countable] an act of using force to move something towards you or in the same direction that you are moving opp push He gave her a sharp pull forward.2 force [countable usually singular]HP a strong physical force that makes things move in a particular direction the gravitational pull of the Moon3 attraction [countable usually singular]WANT the ability to attract someone or have a powerful effect on thempull of After about a year I gave in to the pull of fatherhood.4 influence [singular, uncountable] informalADVANTAGE special influence or power over other people His family’s name gives him a lot of pull in this town.5 climb [singular] British EnglishCLIMB a difficult climb up a steep road It was a long pull up the hill. 6 muscle [countable usually singular] an injury to one of your muscles, caused by stretching it too much during exercise a groin pull7 smoke/drink [countable]SMOKE an act of taking the smoke from a cigarette, pipe etc into your lungs or of taking a long drink of somethingpull on/at She took a long pull on her cigarette.8 handle [countable]DH a rope or handle that you use to pull something He popped the ring pull on another can of lager.9 cricket/golf/baseball [countable]DSCDSG a way of hitting the ball in cricket, golf, or baseball so that it does not go straight, but moves to one side10 on the pull
Examples from the Corpus
pullAnother pull for ten minutes or so brought me up on to the summit, where I sat down to have my lunch.The final pull of day is seduced away to another gathering.She gave a gentle pull on the reins, and the horse stopped.That door sticks a bit - give it a good pull.Give the rope a good pull.As they were collapsing, the gravitational pull of matter outside these regions might start them rotating slightly.I took one last pull from the water jug.Specifically, investors should diversify with quality stocks and continue to invest for the long pull.The former Senator has a lot of pull with the Republicans in Congress.The moon's pull on the Earth's oceans creates the tides.That pull does not usually create as much immediate conflict for them.An average student, he felt the pull and excitement of the Army, so he left college to enlist in 1942.After about a year I gave in to the pull and discovered that fatherhood has made me a much more serious person.I couldn't remember where the pull was to open the parachute.The pull of the Bavarian countryside is strong.pull on/atIn his room he pulled on a dressing-gown and sat down and waited.I can hear him pulling on his goddamn cigarette.Their arms and legs bow inward, the result of muscles pulling on soft bones.With reluctance she pulled on a jacket and set out for the Rectory.Holding Michael's hand tightly, she pulled on it.All the time Midnight was silently pulling on his white stockings and buckling his shoes.I tell myself, as I race down the steps, pulling on my jacket.He was pulling on the front left fender, which was smashed and rubbing against the wheel.