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roundround4 ●○○ verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 TURN[transitive] to go round something such as a bend or the corner of a building πŸ”Š As they rounded the bend and came in sight of the river, Philip took her hand. πŸ”Š The tide was coming in as he rounded the rocks.2 CFROUND[transitive] to make something into a round shape πŸ”Š The stones were then rounded, polished and engraved.3 [intransitive] written if your eyes round, you open them wide because you are shocked, frightened etc πŸ”Š Barbara’s eyes rounded in surprise. β†’ rounded, well-rounded β†’ round something ↔ down β†’ round something ↔ off β†’ round on somebody β†’ round something ↔ out β†’ round somebody/something ↔ upβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
roundβ€’ The race for the nomination has rounded a corner.β€’ Their huts were short tepees protected by tree branches or rounded huts covered with animal skins.β€’ Again do not round over the sharp edges when sanding.β€’ Drop by rounded teaspoons on to a greased non-stick cookie sheet.β€’ As I rounded the corner, I could see that the house was on fire.β€’ The edges of the counter have been rounded to make them safer.β€’ The result was the Yosemite that tourists see today, jammed with awe-inspiring plutons with rounded tops and steep, vertical sides.β€’ All that slim, rounded, unclothed flesh I'd seen - from the back - had not been girl flesh.β€’ He was rounded up about a week later, having stolen four more vehicles.β€’ Dear Jamie, Please remember to round your letters and curl your tails.rounded ... bendβ€’ Then they rounded the bend by the Bahan shrine and dropped down into the darkness of the valley.β€’ He rounded the bend nearest the building, and nearly dropped the branch for throwing up his hands in frustration.β€’ As they rounded the bend towards Westminster, Ranulf nudged Corbett and pointed to the near bank.