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swingswing2 ●●○ noun  1 swing.jpg seat with ropes [countable]DLO a seat hanging from ropes or chains, usually used by children to play on by moving it forwards and backwards using their legs kids playing on the swings a porch swing2 movement [countable]MOVE something OR somebody a curved movement made with your arm, leg etc He took a swing at (=tried to hit) my head and missed. the swing of her hips as she walked3 change [countable]CHANGE YOUR MIND a noticeable change in opinions or emotionsswing to/towards/between etc a big swing towards right-wing ideology She suffers from mood swings.4 sports [singular]DSG the movement you make when you hit the ball in golf, baseball, or some other sports I spent months correcting my swing.5 music [uncountable]APM a type of dance music played by a big band in the 1930s and 1940s that is similar to jazz 6 get into the swing of it/things7 be in full swing8 go with a swing9 swings and roundabouts
Examples from the Corpus
swingWith a heavy swing of the mallet, he drove the post into the ground.There has been a huge swing in public opinion on the issue.Ed said he could help me with my swing.took a swing atApparently a customer took a swing at the salesman.mood swingsOnly a few years, and Roth will have to cope with Big Mac's adolescent mood swings.It gives you enormous mood swings, which nobody told me about.Already, they have contributed to great national mood swings.The picture is often one of violent and rapid mood swings in response to stress.Blake was becoming tired of the stranger's mood swings.When we suffer premenstrual symptoms, such as severe mood swings, our desire for sweet and starchy carbohydrates may surge.They caused me to have terrible mood swings and it put my relationship with Stuart under a lot of strain.Depression During adolescence, emotions are strong and teenagers often experience violent mood swings, including bouts of depression.