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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishteetee1 /tiː/ noun [countable]  1 DSGa small object that you use in a game of golf to hold the ball above the ground before you hit it2 DSGthe place where you first hit the ball towards each hole in a game of golf3 another word for T-shirt
Examples from the Corpus
teeBryan Thomson's match was already at the first tee when Patrick strolled up with the bag of clubs over his shoulder.Stadler grabbed it, took a few practice putts and headed for the first tee.As he stood on the first tee at New Orleans last week, he noticed a boy in a wheelchair.He hit his drive a good 340 yards to find the fairway, invisible from the tee.A fair amount of rough means accuracy off the tee is as important as the ability to keep it low.By the third tee I was really worried.