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gov‧ern‧ment S2 W1
1 also Government [C usually singular also + plural verb British English] the group of people who govern a country or state:
The Government are planning further cuts in public spending.
The US government has tightened restrictions on firearms.
Neither party had the majority necessary to form a government (=become the government after an election).
democratic/totalitarian etc government
The country now has a democratic government for the first time.
A coalition government (=government made up of members of several political parties) will now be established.
under a government (=during the period of a government)
Structural reforms are unlikely under the present government.
a meeting with government officials
the restructuring of government departments
Government spending on health care totals about $60 billion a year.
2 [uncountable] a form or system of government:
Most people in the country support the return to democratic government.
local government, central government
3 [uncountable] the process or way of governing
in government
What would the opposition do if they were in government (=governing the country)?
the importance of good government in developing countries
4 [uncountable] American English the degree to which the government controls economic and social activities:
The protest march was really about big government (=when the government controls many activities).