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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbig governmentˈbig ˌgovernment noun [uncountable]  American EnglishPG government – used when people think it is controlling their lives too much big government welfare policies
Examples from the Corpus
big governmentOur members are overwhelmed and frustrated by big government.The penalty imposed by big government for expansion in business is a growing burden of responsibility, paperwork and liability.Most substantially, Rockefeller is attacked as an apostle of big government.This was a classic example of big government advocates misunderstanding a problem and designing a government solution guaranteed to make it worse.I prefer local control rather than big government.Eisenhower worried that big government was threatening the old American values.The feistier sort of Republican is as hostile to big government by indirect means as to the direct variety.The national-greatness conservatives, as represented by Kristol and Brooks, make their peace with big government.