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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchancerychan‧ce‧ry /ˈtʃɑːnsəri $ ˈtʃæn-/ noun [singular]  1 especially British EnglishPG a government office that collects and stores official papers2 SCLthe part of the British system of law courts which deals with equity3 PGthe offices of an official representative of a foreign country syn chancellery
Examples from the Corpus
chanceryLanier was a former mayor of Dyersburg before, in 1989, he was elected chancery judge.He was widely respected for his work as special master in chancery in the Minnesota Railroad Rate cases in 1910.Photography is not permitted inside embassies but is permitted inside chanceries.the Delaware Court of ChanceryThe smell reminded him vividly of the well-stocked library and quiet chancery of his novice days at Blackfriars.Furthermore, the chancery clerks or council clerks who kept the records and serviced parliament were also clerics.The chancery court issued a restraining order forbidding desegregation in September.The chancery dealt with official communications.While chanceries were adapting their wares to public needs, they were also evolving new formulae for their princes.