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chiefchief2 ●●● W3 noun [countable]  1 somebody in charge of an organizationIN CHARGE OF the most important person, or one of the most important people, in a company or organization – used especially in job titles and in news reportspolice/army/fire etc chief Los Angeles Police Chief Willie L. Williamschief of the British Chief of Defence Staff Most health chiefs believe the reforms have gone too far. industry chiefscommander-in-chief/editor-in-chief etc (=used in job titles for people with the highest rank) They offered him the position of editor-in-chief.2 ruler of tribePGHIGH POSITION OR RANK the ruler of a tribe the Zulu leader, Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi Native American tribal chiefs3 too many chiefs and not enough Indians4 great white chief
Examples from the Corpus
chiefBut Yeltsin has met with only a handful of people in recent weeks, including Chernomyrdin and chief of staff Anatoly Chubais.That makes him chief of the largest urban forestry program in the nation.But the then naval chief suspended the prison sentences; the men returned the money and were dismissed from the navy.the police chiefHis arms and legs were eaten by the principal chiefs of the nation, and the rest distributed among the people.The role of the chief is crucial.Then the chief insulted him and the pony, saying the animal looked just like a mud pony.a Native American tribal chiefHe was chief of SAS flight operations in Stockholm.Jeremy Boorda, who was chief of naval operations.police/army/fire etc chiefAn attempt was made to blow up a police chief.In an announcement, Army Chief of Staff Gen.Gerry de Silva was formally appointed army Chief of Staff on Oct. 23.After all, there was no reason for the Bullens Creek police chief to lie about it.My father knew everybody from the police chief to the governor.Smiling residents stroll along a cozy, old-fashioned street; the police chief stops and chats with passing motorists.tribal chiefsIt was largely due to him that I managed to negotiate successfully with government officials and tribal chiefs during the months that followed.But much of it also went into the unbridled and anachronistic opulence of the royal family and the main tribal chiefs.He curbed the tribal chiefs and imposed a secular legal code.