Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: colonie, from Latin colonia, from colonus 'farmer, someone who develops a new place', from colere 'to prepare land for crops'


col‧o‧ny plural colonies [countable]
1 a country or area that is under the political control of a more powerful country, usually one that is far away [↪ colonial, colonize]:
Algeria was formerly a French colony.
crown colony
2PGSH one of the 13 areas of land on the east coast of North America that later became the United States
3 a group of people who are similar in some way and who live together, or the place where they live:
an artists' colony
a leper colony
4 a group of animals or plants of the same type that are living or growing together:
a seal colony
breeding colonies of rare birds

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