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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommunecom‧mune1 /ˈkɒmjuːn $ ˈkɑː-, kəˈmjuːn/ noun [countable]  1 SHAREa group of people who live together and who share the work and their possessions a hippie commune2 PGthe smallest unit of local government in countries such as France and Belgium3 TAa group of people in a Communist country who work as a team on a farm, and give what they produce to the state
Examples from the Corpus
communeFor example, communes have difficulty in coping with adolescent children.The place was a lot cleaner than in commune days.a religious communeEven the most eager activists of 1965 soon headed for the hills of Santa Barbara and the communes of Vermont.During the commune heydays of the early 1970s, the ranch collected a typically renegade group of cultural misfits.The income of the communes and cities in that year was 229 billion dinars.This covered the extraction of gold-bearing deposits beneath territory belonging to the commune of Régina.The commune was doomed by the spread of market relations and the peasantry were becoming divided between capitalists and propertyless rural labourers.