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countcount2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 totalCOUNT/CALCULATE the process of counting, or the total that you get when you count things Hold your breath for a count of ten.2 measurementAMOUNT a measurement that shows how much of a substance is present in a place, area etc that is being examined The pollen count is high today.3 lose count4 keep count5 on all/several/both etc counts6 at the last count7 be out for the count8 SCClaw technical one of the crimes that someone is charged with Davis was found not guilty on all counts.count of theft/burglary/murder etc He was charged with two counts of theft.9 rank/titlePG a European nobleman with a high rankCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + count a rough count (=not exact)I made a rough count of the houses in the street.a quick countAccording to my quick count, there were 15.a head count (=of how many people are present)Make sure you do a head count before the children get back on the bus.a word/page count (=of how many words or pages there are)Your computer can do an automatic word count.a traffic count (=of how many vehicles pass through a place)We went to the main road at 9 am to begin our traffic count.verbsdo/make a countI looked at the report and did a quick page count.
Examples from the Corpus
countStretch up gently for 10 counts holding each count for 1 second.Hold each position for 2 counts.He faces a count of second-degree murder in the Nov. 10 shooting death of Brad Hansen, also 13.My cholesterol count was a little high.We've seen over 65 patients today, but we don't have an exact count.Ms. Henderson said the final count may exceed 2,000.Henderson pleaded guilty on one count of drunken driving.High pollen counts and air conditioners may worsen allergies.Hold for a slow count of 4.The scoreboards kept the fans posted as to the ball-and-strike count and the number of outs.the Count of Monte CristoIn articulating life as a chameleon on a rocky mirror, Vernadsky committed heresy on two counts.pollen countIt was July and the pollen count was high.At the start of the season sufferers usually begin to experience problems when the pollen count reaches 50.When the pollen count is high, keep doors and windows shut and stay inside.count of theft/burglary/murder etcMr Atkins was charged on four specimen counts of theft.Facts: pleaded guilty to three counts of theft and five counts of damaging property.Street is also charged with two counts of theft.