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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdictatorialdic‧ta‧to‧ri‧al /ˌdɪktəˈtɔːriəl◂/ adjective  1 PGa dictatorial government or ruler has complete power over a country dictatorial regimes2 TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO somethinga dictatorial person tells other people what to do in an unreasonable way Professor Clement’s dictatorial attitudedictatorially adverb
Examples from the Corpus
dictatorialA Senate chairman cannot be dictatorial.His attitude has become increasingly dictatorial.Their attitude towards the masses was condescending, high-handed and ultimately dictatorial.We could turn to the law for justice rather than depend on the mercurial whims of some benevolent or dictatorial boss.Without a dictatorial Coriolanus, Shakespeare's point about the implied threat to the republic is stated rather than felt.The Ministry of Trade was yesterday accused of being dictatorial in its plans for a new motorway in Kent.dictatorial parentsa corrupt, dictatorial regimeIt showed up the Achilles heel of the government - its excessively dictatorial tendencies.