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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdirectivedi‧rec‧tive1 /dəˈrektɪv, daɪ-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  PGTELL/ORDER somebody TO DO somethingan official order or instructiondirective on proposals for implementing the EU directive on paternity leave
Examples from the Corpus
directiveAll government agencies received a directive to reduce their staffs and cut costs by 20%.As an aspect of culture, roles provide an important part of the guidelines and directives necessary for an ordered society.Under an EC directive unleaded petrol must be made available throughout Britain.What point has an ethical directive to pursue the general happiness addressed to beings who will necessarily seek only their own?The confused evidence suggests they are acting on their own initiative, not on directives from East Berlin to play for time.Values provide general guidelines for behaviour and they are translated into more specific directives in terms of roles and norms.The council is unlikely to adopt the directive formally much before the end of this year.If no accord is reached by Friday, the directive will die anyway, under a time limit rule.Article 10 of the directive requires all food to be clearly labelled.The directive requires member states to establish systems for the national regulation of releases.implementing ... directiveSimply implementing the Directive by means of a statutory instrument would result in yet another regime relating solely to consumer contracts.