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dissentdissent2 verb [intransitive]  1 PGRRto say that you disagree with an official decision or accepted opiniondissent from Few historians would dissent from this view. There are some dissenting voices (=people who do not agree) among the undergraduates.see thesaurus at disagree2 law if a judge dissents, they say formally that they do not agree with the other judges in a law case→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dissentThe decision was supported by almost everyone. Baldwin was the only one to dissent.The barrister member, Miss Anne Rafferty, dissented.I respectfully dissent and would reverse.Romer L.J., at p. 652, did not dissent but expressed a doubt.We do not dissent from that proposition.Another dissented from the final figure, holding out for a lower award.No one dared dissent from the official party line.That ratification depends on Parliament only dissenting in legally ambiguous ways?Justice Frank Murphy dissented separately and voted to affirm the conviction.Blair would be wise to listen to some of the dissenting voices in his party.dissenting voicesThere were only a couple of critically dissenting voices.With dissenting voices now silent, it became easier to bomb than to talk.Very few dissenting voices were heard on the left.