2 noun
fall2 S2 W2

movement down

[countable] movement down towards the ground or towards a lower position:
the first fall of autumn leaves
The rise and fall of the dancers' bodies create a pattern.
Mrs Evans had a fall (=fell to the ground) and broke her leg.
He stretched out his hands to break his fall (=prevent himself from falling too quickly and hurting himself).


[countable] a reduction in the amount, level, price etc of something [≠ rise]
fall in
There has been a fall in oil prices.
sharp/steep fall
the sharp fall in the birth rate in European countries
fall of
Their industrial output went down again in December, which meant a fall of 2.2% over the year.


[singular] American EnglishDN the season between summer and winter, when leaves change colour and the weather becomes slightly colder [= autumn]:
Eleanor plans to go to Southwestern Community College this fall.
The area is beautiful in the fall.

loss of power/success

[singular]PG a situation in which someone or something loses their position of power or becomes unsuccessful
fall from
The president lived on for twenty years after his fall from power.
the story of Napoleon's rise and fall (=period of success followed by failure)
Rumours are that the company is heading for a fall (=is likely to fail soon).

fall from grace

PG a situation in which someone stops being respected by other people or loses their position of authority, especially because they have done something wrong:
He was the head of the intelligence service until his fall from grace.


[singular] a situation in which a country, city etc is defeated by an enemy
fall of
the fall of Jerusalem in AD70


also Falls [plural]DN a place where a river suddenly goes straight down over a cliff:
The spray from the falls is so dense that you can hardly see.
Niagara Falls


[countable]DSO an act of forcing your opponent onto the ground in wrestling or judo


[countable] an amount of snow, rocks etc that falls onto the ground
fall of
Fresh falls of snow were forecast.
The road is blocked by a rock fall.

the Fall

also the fallRRC the occasion in the Bible when God punished Adam and Eve by making them leave the Garden of Eden

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