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fallfall2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 movement down [countable]FALL movement down towards the ground or towards a lower position the first fall of autumn leaves The rise and fall of the dancers’ bodies creates a pattern. Mrs Evans had a fall (=fell to the ground) and broke her leg. He stretched out his hands to break his fall (=prevent himself from falling too quickly and hurting himself).2 reduction [countable]LESS a reduction in the amount, level, price etc of something opp risefall in There has been a fall in oil prices.sharp/steep fall the sharp fall in the birth rate in European countriesfall of Their industrial output went down again in December, which meant a fall of 2.2% over the year.3 season [singular] American EnglishDN the season between summer and winter, when leaves change colour and the weather becomes slightly colder syn autumn Eleanor plans to go to Southwestern Community College this fall. The area is beautiful in the fall.4 loss of power/success [singular]PG a situation in which someone or something loses their position of power or becomes unsuccessfulfall from The president lived on for twenty years after his fall from power. the story of Napoleon’s rise and fall (=period of success followed by failure) Rumours are that the company is heading for a fall (=is likely to fail soon).5 fall from grace6 defeat [singular]BEAT/DEFEAT a situation in which a country, city etc is defeated by an enemyfall of the fall of Jerusalem in AD70 7 falls8 sport [countable]DSO an act of forcing your opponent onto the ground in wrestling or judo9 snow/rocks [countable]FALL an amount of snow, rocks etc that falls onto the groundfall of Fresh falls of snow were forecast. The road is blocked by a rock fall.10 the FallGRAMMAR: Patterns with fall (meaning 3)in the fall/in fallYou use in the fall or in fall when talking about something that happens during the fall season: He visited them in the fall.in the fall ofYou use in the fall of with a year when saying when something happens: The project will be completed in the fall of 2018.last fall/this fall etcDon’t use in with these words:You say last fall: She started college last fall. Don’t say: She started college in last fall.You say this fall: This fall the leaves are really beautiful. Don’t say: In this fall the leaves are really beautiful.You say next fall: The book will come out next fall. Don’t say: The book will come out in next fall.You say that fall: That fall I went to Kyoto. Don’t say: In that fall I went to Kyoto.
Examples from the Corpus
fallFall is my favorite season.There was a dramatic fall in temperature overnight.Floyd investigated it soon after free fall had begun.It's one of the heaviest falls of snow on record.Senate attempts to include the provision failed three times last fall when supporters were unable to cut off debate.The positioning of the stones will determine the type of fall.It's a movie about the fall of France in 1940.Here, the fall is 48 percent since the objective was introduced.I sat listening to the fall of the rain on the roof.It seemed that the wind had dropped a little with the fall of night.break ... fallThe crucifix had been broken by its fall.Then the wave curled, broke, and fell.Not break, fall or cry each time a hateful picture drifted in front of her face.Wreckage in the vicinity of the break point fell first and was recovered in the westernmost of three major debris fields.When you fall forward, fully conscious or not, you put out your hands to break your fall.It is down, straight down, into the rank and file, and there is nothing to break the fall.Half blinded by the foam, Christine scrambled for something to grab on to to break her fall.sharp/steep fallThere has been a sharp fall in the number of reported rapes involving strangers; these account for 12 % of attacks.Separately, shares in forestry companies declined amid forecasts of a steep fall in cellulose prices, analysts said.Two rival companies, Toshiba and Hitachi, saw a steep fall in profits.As a result we have seen a sharp fall in the numbers who sleep rough on our streets.An inadequate person in a job can lead to a sharp fall in morale or sales.Whether the steep falls of yesterday turn into something more serious remains to be seen.The steep fall in interest rates over the past two years has boosted their operating profits enormously.rise and fallHer chest glistened, and rose and fell with her breathing.Here white graves are garnished with angels, rising and falling down to the brink of the sea.Over and over again, for twenty-five minutes, the heads rose and fell before the final triumphant cry of Allah hu-Akbar!Meanwhile, that part of the building shifted, rising and falling with the seasons, and the floors creaked constantly.It was like being in a loo that rose and fell.We decided to withdraw, to return to a timescale measured by the rise and fall of the sun.Jailed gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray were reputed to have earned £250,000 for the film about their rise and fall.There, rising and falling with her every breath.