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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkingshipking‧ship /ˈkɪŋʃɪp/ noun [uncountable]  PGthe official position or condition of being a king the responsibilities of kingship
Examples from the Corpus
kingshipThe innovative character of Capetian kingship is unmistakable.Ecgberht may have received wide support in Kent and can not necessarily be regarded as wholly dependent on Offa for his kingship.The robe is a richly patterned 7-by-10-foot cotton cloth whose abstract symbols represent the powers and obligations of kingship.Joseph's view of kingship had no particular originality.The principle of sacred kingship continues well into later Western history.Ever fair-spoken, Malekith said that he desired the kingship not for himself but in honour of the memory of his father.Together Mummolus and Desiderius elevated Gundovald to the kingship at Brives-la-Gaillarde.Among other things, kingship functioned as a kind of conduit through which man was linked to his gods.