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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmandateman‧date1 /ˈmændeɪt/ ●○○ noun 🔊 🔊 1 [countable]PGPOWER if a government or official has a mandate to make important decisions, they have the authority to make the decisions because they have been elected by the people to do somandate to do something 🔊 The president was elected with a clear mandate to tackle violent crime.mandate for 🔊 a popular mandate for election reformmandate from 🔊 I sought a mandate from my constituents to oppose this tax.have/be given a mandate 🔊 Sometimes a president thinks he has more of a mandate than he really does.2 [countable]TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO something an official instruction given to a person or organization, allowing them to do something 🔊 Matters debated in meetings do not become a mandate automatically.3 [countable, uncountable]PG the power given to one country to govern another countryCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa clear mandateThe vote gave the trade union a clear mandate to pursue a better settlement.a popular mandate (=when someone or something wins a vote by a large amount)He called the election in the hope of receiving a popular mandate.an electoral mandate (=gained by winning an election)Ford took over when Nixon resigned, and thus did not have an electoral mandate of his own.verbshave a mandateIn Venezuela, Chavez said he had a mandate for reform.give somebody a mandateHe hoped that signs of economic recovery would persuade voters to give him a mandate in the election.win a mandateHe won his mandate to continue his premiership.receive/obtain/get a mandateOn this issue he does seem to have received a clear mandate from the electorate.seek a mandate (=ask for a vote to show agreement with a leader or with ideas)The government was seeking a mandate to continue the war.
Examples from the Corpus
mandateThe White House initiative functioned in this way not as a mandate but as a disincentive.Lebanon became a French mandate after World War I.While he has railed against new government mandates, Dole supported a mandate requiring more use of ethanol.Preval has no mandate and he knows it.The result was seen as crucial in that it provided Sandiford with a personal mandate to govern.It is this secondary mandate which ensures that our bi-cameral system can properly function.On closer inspection, however, that mandate appears to be distinctly fragile.sought a mandateI sought a mandate from my constituents to oppose the poll tax and made it plain exactly what I would do.