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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishminority governmentmiˌnority ˈgovernment noun [countable]  PGa government that does not have enough politicians in a parliament to control parliament and take decisions without the support of other parties
Examples from the Corpus
minority governmentOr he might aim for a minority government dependent on the votes of six Arab members of the Knesset.The following day Labor formed a minority government under Michael Field.When there is a minority government, however, the combination is far less stable.In other words, the position of a minority government can be made untenable if all the other parties combine against it.We need electoral reform so that a minority government with a 100seat advantage can not implement the extremist policies of the Eighties again.Chandra Shekhar's efforts at keeping his minority government afloat ended in March 1991.In spite of only a short period of minority government the Labour Party in the 1920s had also developed some ambitious long-term policies.