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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonarchymon‧ar‧chy /ˈmɒnəki $ ˈmɑːnərki/ ●○○ noun (plural monarchies)  1 [uncountable]PG the system in which a country is ruled by a king or queen the abolition of the monarchysee thesaurus at government2 [countable]PG a country that is ruled by a king or queenrepublic3 the monarchy
Examples from the Corpus
monarchyMany people in Britain think the country no longer needs a monarchy.At that time, Nepal was transformed from an absolute monarchy into a multi-party democracy.That is no more or less than a sovereign Parliament within a constitutional monarchy should be able to expect.Constitutional monarchies are obvious examples of political systems with a dual executive.Burns hated European monarchies and helped lead the American Revolution.His conquests transformed the ancient world and ushered in the Hellenistic age of great monarchies.This may seem surprising in view of the widespread acceptance of monarchy.Among ordinary people almost everywhere, however, the idea of monarchy had still great emotive power.The US has close ties with the Saudi monarchy.But those who believe in the monarchy like to think it stands for stability and good example.In actual fact, what the monarchy does do is to reinforce Britain's position in the world as an outmoded Ruritania.With monarchy, the essential problem is that power is put at the mercy of relatives and genetics.