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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishneutralneu‧tral1 /ˈnjuːtrəl $ ˈnuː-/ ●●○ AWL adjective  1 in an argument etcSUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLAN not supporting any of the people or groups involved in an argument or disagreementpartisan I always tried to remain neutral when they started arguing. Clive decided to adopt a neutral position. The British government acted as a neutral observer during the talks.2 in a warPPGPG a country that is neutral does not support any of the countries involved in a war During World War II, Sweden was neutral.neutral territory/waters (=land or sea that is not controlled by any of the countries involved in a war)3 on neutral ground/territory4 languageSLORDINARY language, words etc that are neutral are deliberately chosen to avoid expressing any strong opinion or feeling the neutral language of an official news report5 voice/expression if someone says something in a neutral voice, or if they have a neutral expression on their face, they do not show how they are feeling Bragg said in a neutral voice, ‘The investigation has been closed down.’6 colourCCCOLOUR/COLOR a neutral colour is a colour such as grey, light brown, or cream Neutral tones give the room a feeling of space. 7 wireTEE a neutral wire, for example in a plug, has no electrical charge1(7)8 chemical a neutral substance is neither acid nor alkaline The plant prefers a neutral or slightly acidic soil. a neutral pH of 7.0neutrally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
neutralHow can anything which can elicit two such opposing but adamant replies be neutral?Civil servants are supposed to be politically neutral.Some patients had voiced initial apprehension about their continuing to receive medication, but most were thought to be neutral about fundholding.The role chosen by the teacher here is as neutral as possible, to avoid confrontation, effectively a messenger.As an outside observer drawn into the Statementing process by the professionals involved, I had a neutral but not disinterested role.Switzerland remained neutral during World War II.a dress in a neutral fabricThe army, on the other hand, has remained largely neutral in the unprecedented fight to force democratic reform from Milosevic.Gladioli prefer a neutral or slightly acidic soil.But they are also a zingy accent in a neutral room.The game will be held at a neutral site.Many therapists took a neutral stance on the issue rather than trying to save marriages.What if language is not a neutral system capable of objective description and analysis?Rather than describing Ross as her boyfriend, Claire preferred the neutral term "friend."To avoid ugly scenes, choose neutral topics for discussion.neutral territory/watersIn this war, there's no neutral territory.That was why he had tried to reach Cantor by phone and arrange a meeting in some neutral territory.We chatted noncommittally in the kitchen, neutral territory.Beginning in the more neutral territory, I ask what leads her to seek incarceration for a kid.