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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpublic serviceˌpublic ˈservice noun  1 [countable usually plural]PE a service, such as transport or health care, that a government provides efforts to improve quality in public services2 [countable, uncountable]PUBLIC/NOT PRIVATE a service provided to people because it will help them, and not for profit Local TV stations ran the ads as a public service.3 [singular, uncountable]PG the government or its departments staff cuts in the public service He left the public service and embarked on a career in the City.
Examples from the Corpus
public serviceYou would have expected a convert to free market economics to have been equally scathing of both public service corporations.Essential public services are supported by property taxes.It should be anticipated that eventually the best qualified and experienced public service professionals will opt for some other line of work.It would be a great shame if young people such as Hu were discouraged from seeking careers in public service.a long career of public serviceThat might result in lawyers giving more time to public service.Broadcasters have been living up to public service obligations since 1934.This was particularly important for the hospitals, since now a unified public service could be provided.