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recallre‧call2 /rɪˈkɔːl, ˈriːkɔːl $ -ɒːl/ noun  1 memory [uncountable]REMEMBER the ability to remember something that you have learned or experienced A child’s recall is usually accurate. He had total recall (=remembered everything) of every play in the game.2 order to return [singular, uncountable]PG an official order telling someone to return to a place, especially before they expected torecall of the recall of their ambassador3 beyond recall4 product [countable] when a company asks people to return a product they have bought because there may be something wrong with it5 politics [singular, uncountable] American English a vote to remove someone from their political position, or the act of being removed by a voterecall of the recall of four city council members
Examples from the Corpus
recallThousands of dangerous Candy machines are still in use despite a recall by the manufacturers.That would be the fourth recall in five years.Our results pertain to a sample of 101 subjects, in many of whom the birth weight was obtained by maternal recall.In advanced cases of the disease, there is a very rapid loss of recall and a decay of memory.Even in old age, his powers of recall were astonishing.Exhaustivity of indexing has some impact on recall and precision.Families were overjoyed to hear about the recall of Allied seamen to their own countries.In addition to simple rage over the hike in water bills, other issues fueled the recall movement.They put a notice in the press ordering the recall of all the baby food that might have been contaminated.In the second section the recall results are reported and relationships between risk and recall are analysed.As Kennedy said throughout the recall campaign, water rates had to be increased to finance needed improvements in the system.Dinali has a brilliant mind, with almost total recall of what she has read.total recallBut I possessed that night an almost total recall of physical sensations.From the age of six onward, Vologsky had been able to apply almost total recall to figures of any sort.Twenty years later, Brady had total recall of the night his father was killed.Neville's total recall could not totally recall any.You could wake up tomorrow with total recall.recall ofthe recall of four city council officials