Date: 1400-1500
Language: Old French
Origin: reconoistre, from Latin recognoscere, from cognoscere 'to know'


rec‧og‧nize S1 W1 also recognise British English [transitive]
1 [not in progressive] to know who someone is or what something is, because you have seen, heard, experienced, or learned about them in the past:
I didn't recognize you in your uniform.
It was malaria, but Dr Lee hadn't recognized the symptoms.
see usage note realize
2SSOPG to officially accept that an organization, government, document etc has legal or official authority:
British medical qualifications are recognized in Canada.
recognize something as something
The World Health Organization has recognized alcoholism as a disease since 1951.
3 to accept or admit that something is true
recognize (that)
One must recognise that homesickness is natural.
recognize what/how/who etc
It is important to recognize how little we know about this disease.
see usage note realize
4 [usually in passive] if something is recognized by people, they realize that it is important or very good:
Alexander tried to get his work recognized by the medical profession.
be recognized as something
Lawrence's novel was eventually recognized as a work of genius.
a recognized authority on Roman pottery
5 to officially and publicly thank someone for something they have done, by giving them a special honour:
He was recognized for having saved many lives.
recognizable adjective:
recognizably adverb

realize, recognize
If you realize a fact, you know and understand it, or begin to understand it Do you realize how dangerous this is? I realized that the job was going to take longer than I thought.If you recognize a fact or problem, you accept that it exists We recognize that many students need extra help. The government does not recognize the need for more funding.!! Realize is not followed by 'about' or 'of' She already had a boyfriend, but I didn't realize this (NOT didn't realize about this).See also realize

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