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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishregulationreg‧u‧la‧tion1 /ˌreɡjəˈleɪʃən/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun  1 [countable]PGSCL an official rule or order There seem to be so many rules and regulations these days.regulation on new regulations on imports regulations governing the safety of toysbuilding/planning/fire/health regulations The local authority is introducing new planning regulations. All companies must comply with the regulations.under ... regulations Under the new regulations, all staff must have safety training.see thesaurus at rule2 [uncountable]RULE/REGULATION control over something, especially by rulesregulation of the regulation of public spendingCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + regulationsstrict/stringent/toughThe regulations surrounding the handling of nuclear waste are very strict.safety regulationsEvery railway has complex safety regulations.government/federal regulationsSmall businessman are fed up with government regulations.building regulations (=relating to the structure of buildings)The Building Regulations no longer specify minimum ceiling heights.environmental regulationsThe Bill stipulated some of the toughest environmental regulations yet seen in the industrial world.planning regulations (=relating to what buildings can be built in an area)The house must be demolished because it does not conform to planning regulations.hygiene regulations (=relating to keeping restaurants, hotel kitchens etc clean)Hygiene regulations stipulate that the caterer must use suitable equipment. statutory regulations (=that are fixed or controlled by law)All government bodies are bound by statutory regulations on, for instance, race and sex discrimination.verbscomply with/meet/conform to regulationsHotel kitchens must comply with these regulations.break regulationsThe penalties for breaking the regulations were severe.make regulationsThe Secretary of State can make safety regulations governing the making of goods.tighten regulations (=make them stricter)The president is expected to announce new efforts to tighten gun-control regulations.relax regulations (=make them less strict)He has voted in favor of relaxing environmental regulations.regulations apply to somethingThe regulations also apply to new buildings.regulations govern something (=apply to something)There are regulations governing the safety of toys.regulations stipulate something (=state what must be done)The hospital regulations stipulate minimum staffing levels.phrasesrules and regulationsWe must reduce the number of rules and regulations.
Examples from the Corpus
regulationMost are offshore financial centres also targeted by international watchdogs for loose banking regulation and harmful tax practices.The building regulations are very strict about the materials you can use.Instead, they said businesses would be allowed to take regulators to court if they found regulations too onerous.Anyone who takes milk from an unhealthy cow will be contravening public health regulations.Paradoxically, third parties dealing with an international organisation may feel secure despite the lack of legal regulation.Under the new regulations, local representatives with power to enforce presidential and parliamentary decrees would be appointed.Under the new regulations, coach drivers must take a break every four hours.Safety regulations affecting dangerous fluids must be scrupulously observed.I was doing a senior thesis in college on cable television economic law and all the regulations related thereto.Obviously the effectiveness of these proposals depends on how the government chooses to enforce the regulations.Some reforms have been made in the regulation of childcare.The aggregate amount paid out under these schemes may be limited to an amount specified in the regulations.But now that governments are reducing the regulations that alliances circumvented, the alliances are being undermined.All cars sold in Germany must conform to the regulations laid down by the Federal Road Safety Board.rules and regulationsThere are rules and regulations that we all have to abide by.Secondly, what they can do is further restrained by an interlocking web of assumptions, rules and regulations.Every day there was a new set of rules and regulations.Each mobile home park has its own rules and regulations.There were so many petty rules and regulations that some companies stopped trying to export their products.Are they free from overly restrictive rules and regulations?It was a trend that rules and regulations were powerless to halt.The Star had initiated a campaign against the rules and regulations in 1932, but the effort was short-lived.We have a certificate to run the race and we do comply with all the rules and regulations.Competition simulates real combat, only with rules and regulations.