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representativerepresentative2 ●○○ adjective  1 TYPICALtypical of a particular group or thingrepresentative of The latest incident is representative of a wider trend.see thesaurus at typical2 including examples of all the different types of something in a group The pollsters asked a representative sample of New York residents for their opinions.3 PGPa representative system of government allows people to vote for other people to represent them in the government a representative democracy
Examples from the Corpus
representativeIt is not possible to judge whether the social context or the people studied are in any way typical, or representative.Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the representative findings of the expression of pre-S2 in the liver.They discard the traditional system of checks and balances of representative government.These paintings are representative of the kind of work being done by young artists nowadays.Would you say that his views were representative of the majority of French voters?It does not matter what method of straining is chosen if it can determine A1 since the volume is a representative one.These large juries were clearly intended to provide a reasonably representative sample of popular opinion.For our survey we asked a representative sample of voters to give us their opinions.representative ofThe latest incident is representative of a larger trend.an elected representative of the peoplerepresentative sampleThese samples have been found to be very similar socioeconomically to a representative sample.All employees or a representative sample answered the questionnaire.There are two main ways in which such a representative sample can be constructed.We selected a representative sample of 650 students and asked them to rate teaching techniques.A representative sample of case histories follows.These large juries were clearly intended to provide a reasonably representative sample of popular opinion.In the case of such representative sample, the population parameters can be estimated from the sample values.Using a nationally representative sample, this study examines the effects on family life of elderly persons in the household.